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Favorites: Setting up your Views in Rails

Showing your users’ favorites:

This is a continuation of my favorites post where I showed you how to create the appropriate tables in your database so users can favorite . . . whatever. In my case, it was favoriting certain leagues and teams for soccer. But it can be a ‘like’ button or anything like that.

Now if you want their favorites to show up on a certain page, here are a couple ways to do that. In this post I’ll go over the routes file and in later posts I’ll show you what the controller and model could look like (I’m sure there are several ways to code this up).

##Routes file Create a place for your favorites to live in your routes.rb. You can do a couple things here. I wanted my URI to look like favorites/leagues but I could have also made it leagues/favorites. Here is how you would do leagues/favorites.

####Namespace You can make a new namespace for each object a user can favorite. This probably requires the most code, but you can:

namespace :route do
  resources :favorites

Replace ‘route’ with the route that a user can favorite (so it would be :leagues for me). With this one, you’d have to do it with each object a user can favorite if you have routes set up for each. I’d have to do two, one for leagues and one for teams, so I didn’t use this.

There is also a way to do it without any prefixes but I would imagine you only want to use this if there is only one object a user can favorite. I have two objects, leagues and teams, so having a prefix of leagues/ or teams/ before the /favorites is handy because it shows the user where he or she is on the site. But to get rid of the prefix, you would:

scope module: 'route' do
  resources :favorites

I would show you what this gives you but I actually encourage you to see for yourself. Put it in your routes file and then in your terminal run rake routes. It’s associated with the route that you specified but as you can see, it’s not included in the URI Pattern but it is in the Controller#Action.

####Create a favorites route

I created a whole new favorites route. I set it up like this:

resources :favorites
get '/favorites/leagues' => 'favorites#show'
get '/favorites/teams' => 'favorites#show'

The resources :favorites is setting up all of my controller actions, like create, edit and destroy. Then I just add to the show action so users can get to leagues, teams or players and know which part of the site they are on by the URI.

This way also made it so I only needed one create, edit, destroy, new, and update for favoriting. Using the first way would mean you create each action for each object you favorite. Again, if you only have one object a user can favorite, then the first way works just fine. OR, if you prefer to have route/favorites instead of favorites/route then the first way is for you too.

But I prefer this. I can set up all the code that is required for favoriting inside one controller and one model, both names favorites_controller.rb and favorite.rb.Here’s a list of the steps for adding the ability to favorite:

  • appropriate join tables
  • proper route so users can view their favorites
  • favorites controller
  • favorites model
  • favorites view
  • a button that will trigger the action to put data in the join table we just created
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